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S*uce Abu Dhabi Marina Mall

Following on from work on the S*uce stores in Dubai, S*uce decided to update their store in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi.

The brief was to bring the look and feel of an existing store in line with the most recent fit outs and inject a feel of S*uce quirkiness.  


The gazebo railing unit was added to the centre of the store, creating a focal anchor in  the store, carrying their motto “love what you love without hesitation” as a decorative accent.  Also added was a column unit where the rail can be altered to create different  pathways within the store. These two large units, frame shelving on the wall and other gorgeousness transformed the store to become much more of “S*uce” .


Project title: S*uce @ Marina mall Abu Dhabi

Client: S*uce

Size: 128sqm

Completion: September 2010

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