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Mazda Motor Shows

Working with the Mazda team at Imagination on the design of the all new Mazda stand for the Tokyo Motorshow 2005. This new design forms the basis of the Mazda stand at all first tier international motorshows until 2009.


The team needed a key designer who understood Japanese style and could also act as a bridge between client and contractor alongside all the necessary design responsibilities.


In London I worked with the team to create both main design elements and features of the stand including the iconic lattice wall for the VIP area, the double deck and offices, down to desks, stage and general stand layout.  


Later, as a native japanese speaker I travelled to Japan as the sole design representative for three weeks of prototyping and subsequently stayed on to supervise the main construction for the show. 


Following the success of the Tokyo Motorshow, the team moved on to  develop the global kit for future shows at Detroit, Geneva, New York, London, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai and Frankfurt. 


Project title: Tokyo Motorshow ‘05 and others

Client: Mazda

Completion: 2005-2006

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